2018 Award Recipients

2018 OPW Award Winners

Awards presented at the 2018 OPW Convention.

Optometrist of the Year - Dave Stanfield, O.D.

Dave Stanfield

Since his graduation from the University of Alabama Birmingham College of Optometry and entering Washington State in 1988, Dave Stanfield has served the patients of our state, his fellow optometrists,  and our state association well. He is an excellent educator, practitioner, organizer, leader, and provides a respected and welcomed voice in support of optometry's legislative and continuing education endeavors.

Concerning advocacy, when the governor signed into law our topical therapeutic privilege in 1989, several legislative committees passed our bill by a single vote. Dave, coming from North Carolina which had a topical therapeutics law, provided pivotal testimony. In 2003, after passage of our orals bill, Dr. Stanfield testified at the public hearing with the Department of Pharmacy in regard to development of our formulary. His insightful and informative comments helped in large measure to explain the uses of oral medications in ophthalmic practice. Dr. Stanfield serves as  Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute as Optometric Director. His elevation to the top optometric position at PCLI further bolsters recognition of his leadership and commitment to our profession, and in particular to optometric physicians in Washington State. He has served in important OPW positions including, but not limited to Chair of the Education committee, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, and President of the Olympic Society. He has also been NBEO question writer/examiner, lectured extensively across the U.S. and internationally, and Adjunct Faculty member at multiple Optometry schools and involved in training externs, and co-authored many optometric texts, including AOA Optometric Clinical Practice Guideline: Care of the Adult Patient with Cataract. Perhaps unrecognized, Dr. Stanfield has quietly donated his time and leadership skills to the local community, church, and youth groups in and around Chehalis.   Dr. Stanfield has been a preeminent clinician and educator. He has mentored countless optometry students, residents and our colleagues here in Washington State, other states, and internationally. His clinical acumen, scholastic aptitude, and judgment is authentic and grounded in experience. As a Fellow of the Academy, he has made erudite contributions to our annual meeting clinical program. Essentially, he has made us all better doctors. We are quite lucky to have Dr. Dave Stanfield as a member of OPW, and are happy to award him the 2018 Optometric of the Year.

Young Optometrist of the Year - Casey Claypool, O.D.


Dr. Casey Claypool of Spokane Washington has not only served the profession of Optometry through public service as an Assistant Scoutmaster in local Boy Scout Troop, a Cub Scout Leader, and as a tutor for Hispanic elementary and high school students. He was also a full-time voluntary representative for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Quito, Ecuador. 2000-2002    Dr. Claypool has received the following awards: Marchan Practice Management Award Awarded (2009), and Health Professions Scholarship from the United States Air Force (2006, 2009).   Dr. Claypool has lectured around the nation on topics including complex eye diseases. He participates in research and has written several articles. Service as an active member of the AOA and OPW, we are happy to award Dr. Casey Claypool OPWs 2018 Young OD of the year. 

President's Distinguished Service Award - Linda Medeski, O.D.


A lot of us work hard for the association. And I'd like to thank all of you for how hard you have worked. It has not gone unnoticed, and I will always be grateful for the tremendous efforts you've put in. In fact somuch of the work we do is never seen by others - and I want to acknowledge that. Grassroots drives legislation, and legislation drivesmembership, so Linda's Grassroots Committee is truly at the heart ofthis organization. Through my years on the Legislative Committee andas an Exec, I have never seen anyone work harder, or care more than Linda Medeski. Maybe the one bit of information that says the most about how hard she has worked is that it is taking two Committee Co-Chairs and astand-alone professional to take her place. I know that Robert will be happy to have his wife and business partnerback, and I also know that just because she is stepping down as the Committee Chair, that we haven't heard the last of Dr. Linda Medeski. I feel lucky that I can call her a friend and a colleague. And I feel privileged to call Linda Medeski the 2018 President's Award recipient. 

Lifetime Acheivement Award (Both for OPW and GWCO)- Ken White, O.D.


Dr. White has been an active volunteer in both OPW and AOA serving in 32 different positions over the last 40 years, including WAOP president in 1984-85, and serving as an unmatched volunteer for Vision Washington. About Vision Washington: Dr. White was cited as having mobilized over 200 doctors of optometry throughout the state to provide free eye examinations and eyeglasses to the working poor. Approximately 1,500 Washington residents were examined and 1,000 pair of glasses dispensed. Dr. White also secured a $15,000 grant from the Lion's Sight Conservation Foundation to help pay for the glasses and organized Community Action Agencies throughout the state to screen applicants. Seven ophthalmic labs also provided materials at 50% of their usual and customary fees. The Department of Community Development recognized Dr. White and the Washington Optometric Association for efforts associated with Vision Washington saying that it would have been near impossible without those efforts due tothe technical nature and geographic scope of the project. About OPW Insurance Liaison Role- Since 2001, Dr. White has been serving as the OPW Insurance Liaison with the following accomplishments:

  • Provides billing and coding assistance to OPW members, including instructing how to bill correctly and developing a data base of common questions and answers on billing and coding       
  • Gives regular billing and coding to seminar to OPW members and their staff
  • Write monthly billing and coding newsletter
  • Serves as chief insurance liaison between third party payers and OPW
  • Serves as advocate for OPW members with third party payers
  • Help contest unpaid claims
  • Meets personally with third party payer representatives

Act as liaison between Washington State Insurance Commissioner O ce and OPW and it's members Dr. White is often cited as our BEST and most IMPORTANT member benefit in Washington State and has meant hundreds of thousands of dollars to OPW member incomes through his insurance advocacy work and educating our members and their staff correct billing and coding practices

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