Award Criteria and Descriptions

AWARDS PROGRAMS: Team shall be composed of at least three previous O.D. of the Year and/or Young O.D. of the Year winners. The team will select an O.D. of the Year and a Young O.D. of the Year by soliciting nominations from each of the OPW societies. The team may assist the president in selecting a recipient for an award of merit, if the president wishes to award one. This award can be presented to any doctor of optometry or any other person who, in the opinion of the president, has performed exceptional service for optometry. The team may assist the vice president in selecting a society for an award of merit (Society of the Year), if the vice president wishes to award one. This award may be presented to any society who, in the opinion of the vice president, has performed exceptional service for optometry

The team leader shall preside at the presentation of the mentioned awards as well as the awards given for various achievements at the Annual Membership Meeting. Each year the Awards Team Leader will submit names of the most recent recipients of the OPW O.D. of the Year and Young O.D. of the Year awards to the AOA Awards Committee as our association’s nominations for national recognition. If, in the opinion of the Awards Team, a worthy candidate has been nominated by a society for the AOA Keyperson Award, the AOA Apollo Award, the AOA Distinguished Service Award or the GWCO OD of the Year Award, the Awards Team Leader will submit the nomination(s).

Requirements for OD of the Year & Young OD of the Year Awards:

  1.  A candidate for Young O.D. of the Year will have been in practice for less than ten years.
  2.  A nominee for these awards (Young OD of the Year & OD of the Year) will be automatically considered for two years after the initial application. Often the competition is very intense one year and a worthy applicant may not be chosen, whereas, the following year he/she may have been the chosen person if the application had been resubmitted. Since a candidate may not win the first year nominated, it is imperative that the nomination be submitted in secret in order to preserve the honor of the award. After a reasonable effort has been made to encourage the award recipient’s attendance at the Annual Membership Meeting/Member Party without revealing that s/he has won, the recipient may be notified.
  3.  No award will be given twice in the same classification. There is no limit of times a candidate may be nominated.
  4.  Nominations are to be submitted to the Awards Team before the deadline. Nominations may be submitted by individual members, societies, or members of the Board of Trustees. Each OPW society should make every effort to have a candidate for BOTH Young O.D. of the Year and O.D. of the Year awards, if possible. If a society does not have a worthy candidate, the society may nominate a member of another society. Nominations must be received by the deadline to allow enough time for selection of the winners and the engraving of the plaques.
  5.  By the due date, the following information about the candidate should be submitted to the Awards Team: (a) background, (b) complete education history, (c) family information, (d) exhibits of newspaper clippings, letters, etc., (e) a fairly recent photo, at least 3 x 5, PLUS:
  1. Public Service (25%)
    1.  Service to the country, state or other political subdivision in any capacity.
    2.  Service to education.
    3.  Service to the community.
    4.  Service to religious or service institutions.
    5.  Service to charitable causes.
    6.  Philanthropy.
  2. Service to the visual welfare of the public (25%)
    1.  Service with sight-saving groups.
    2.  Activity with governmental highway safety committees.
    3.  Participation in governmental health care programs.
    4.  Participation in public service programs; i.e., screening projects.
    5.  Other similar activities.
  3. Service to optometry (25%)
    1.  Contributions of personal effort and time on behalf of the profession's advancement.
    2.  Educational and research activities.
    3.  Contributions to the profession's literature.
    4.  Similar acts of service.
  4. Service to the AOA and/or its affiliates (25%)
    1.  Service as an officer, department director, team leader, team member, etc.
    2.  Promotion of the association's goals and programs.
    3.  Activity in support of the association's organizational projects.
    4.  Similar acts of service.

Jack R. Hale Memorial Award (SBM 2014): presented in honor of Jack R. Hale, O.D., who practiced optometry in Sunnyside, Washington for 65 years. He was a tireless volunteer for both his profession and his community. Those who knew Dr. Hale know how much he loved the profession of optometry and how much he did to promote and improve it. This award may be given during any event held in conjunction with the Annual Membership Meeting at the discretion of the OPW Awards Team. If no worthy candidate is identified that year, no award will be given.

Nominations are to be submitted in secret to the Awards Team before the deadline. Nominations may be submitted by individual members, societies, or members of the Board of Trustees. Nominees will be considered for three (3) years.

This achievement award may be given to anyone (optometric physician or not) who has distinguished himself/herself in the spirit of Dr. Hale’s accomplishments. This “spirit” may include, but not be limited to, long term service in the OPW and AOA, the Board of Optometry, GWCO, elected office, and/or community service. These accomplishments not only bring honor to the recipient but also respect to the practice and profession of optometry.

Robin Cameron Memorial Award presented in honor of Robin Cameron, O.D. who was the first woman president of OPW, a leader among leaders, and originator of a program to identify and develop leadership within the profession. Those who knew Dr. Cameron fondly recall her passion for leadership development.

The objective of this award is to encourage active participation in the association by a new member, who has been in the OPW ten (10) years or less. The recipient of the Dr. Robin Cameron Memorial Award will be announced at the annual membership meeting. The recipient will be funded to attend Board Meetings. Funding will include reimbursement for mileage, at the IRS rate, one nights lodging, and free registration for a CE program sponsored by OPW, in conjunction with the Board Meeting. The recipient will also receive free registration to OPW events held in conjunction with the Annual Membership Meeting, but will not be eligible for mileage or lodging reimbursement. The funding for this award will come from the Board Meeting Account.

  1.  Each Society President will nominate at least one candidate.
  2.  The name will be submitted to the Award Team Leader before the deadline set by the Awards Team.
  3.  The state office will then select the recipient of this award through a random drawing.
  4.  A nominee will be automatically considered for nine (9) years after the initial nomination or until he/she has been a member of OPW for more than ten (10) years, whichever occurs first.

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