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Advocacy Video Project RFP  


The Optometric Physicians of Washington (OPW) strives to advocate, educate and promote optometry and optometric physicians in Washington state. Our members actively advocate for the profession in Olympia, educating legislators about issues affecting the practice of optometry and the patients they serve.


The successful company will provide videography services, including preproduction, production, and postproduction assistance, to help OPW create new and compelling video content. This scope of work is to produce four (4) videos, each of which should not exceed two minutes. The videos will highlight OPW public policy advocacy messaging (e.g., ABCs of Optometric Care: Access, Best Practices, Cost-Effectiveness) and will feature OPW members.

The videographer will:

  • Provide strategic counsel as well as preproduction planning and research to explore best practices and creative concepts that fit the OPW brand
  • Provide messaging assistance
  • Outline a clear process and timeline that details how the project will be managed for its duration
  • Coordinate interviews and shooting schedules with OPW or OPW designees
  • Travel to capture interviews and b-roll footage
  • Edit and distribute video, including providing access to raw and final video content for archival and future use, sound mixing, providing color correction services, exporting, making requested changes, etc.  


The audience for three of the videos will include the Office of the Governor, state legislators, legislative policy staff and related health care agencies, and will be used by the OPW Grassroots Team and various OPW members as part of its legislative engagement efforts.  


The fourth video is intended for use with the general public - clients who may be waiting in OPW member waiting rooms.


The primary objectives of the video are to showcase core OPW advocacy messages.  


Videos are to include a mix of b-roll and individual interviews with OPW member ODs in order to tell the story of OPW's advocacy work. Interviews will be done in a conversational style with questions provided by OPW and OPW communications contractors.   


Content of video and interview questions based on resources provided by OPW OPW will select interviewees, to be scheduled by OPW communication contractors in concert with the videographer.   The selected vendor will develop shot list and shoot day schedule. OPW will help the vendor by identifying potential members and locations. Video to be shot with high resolution HD camera Video crew to consist of Producer/Interviewer and DP/Sound person. OPW and its communications designees will provide all branding and guidelines for external facing videos OPW will review video interview clips and highlight preferred content. Vendor will obtain written releases from all interviewees. OPW will secure permissions from OPW members for any b-roll footage captured.


  • Number of shoot days: Estimate provides for 2 5-hour shoot days to capture interviews and b-roll.
  • On camera interviewees availability on same day 
  • Number of interviewees: Estimate allows for 2-3 interviewees at each of the three different locations provided by OPW.
  • Additional edit revisions: Estimate allows for two rounds of feedback/revisions  
  • Edit time based on interviews being reviewed by client and selects pulled via time coded video files.
  • Voice-over talent, recording and scripting work.   


OPW expects to award the video production services contract to a company that proposes the best approach to the work, which will be evaluated by demonstrated ability and past experiences in providing the required services, including:

  • Developing video ideas and content in the pre- and postproduction phases that incorporates best practices and impactful storytelling
  • Developing clear steps for project management-including a creative brief that outlines key messages and timelines for script development, storyboarding, shooting schedules, and video distribution-to quickly accomplish the scope of work.
  • Delivering the requested services at competitive pricing
  • Providing raw and final video content in high-quality formats that can be used across various mediums.


Responses to this RFP should:

  • Provide a brief narrative of the company and its qualifications and experience
  • Specify the company's area(s) of expertise and unique characteristics that set it apart from the competition and how those strengths will benefit OPW's video content and brand
  • Detail the company's approach to providing the required services mentioned above
  • Provide three recent (within the last two years) examples of video footage the company has produced that demonstrate the depth and breadth of its video skills and how that expertise can be put to work for OPW
  • Provide pricing (per hour or by person) in addition to any pertinent pricing details related to travel and other out-of-pocket expenses

Bidders may include any other information that they believe OPW should consider. Please limit responses to a maximum of two pages. OPW will treat all responses as confidential. OPW is not liable for any costs incurred by applicants in responding to this RFP. Please submit responses by sending an email to Jocelyn McCabe, Communications Consultant to OPW, at   

All questions regarding this RFP must be submitted by Nov. 13, 2020. Answers posted below.

The deadline for RFP submissions is 5 PM on Monday, November 23, 2020.  


Nov. 4, 2020                                                 Release of RFP 

Nov. 13, 2020                                               Deadline for submitting questions

Nov. 23, 2020                                               Responses due to by 5 p.m. PST
Nov. 24 - Dec. 4, 2020                                   Proposals reviewed
Dec. 4, 2020                                                 Contract awarded
Dec. 9, 2020                                                 Contract commences
Jan. 22, 2021                                                Contract concludes


Q. Where will the filming take place (location cities)? A.  Because OPW is a statewide association, vendors are asked to submit two budget scenarios: one that reflects filming in western Washington and one that reflects a mix of both western and eastern Washington locations.

Q: It says in the RFP that each filming day will be 5 hours long, at 2-3 locations. Are these different setups at the same location, or would this be us packing up gear and driving somewhere new? A: Filming will take place at multiple locations. It should be noted that additional government restrictions for COVID-19 may impair our ability to conduct these interviews in offices. 

Q. What is the nature of the locations? Are these clinical settings? Will b-roll be captured in the same locations? A. All filming will take place in clinical settings, and b-roll should be captured there as well. The vendor selected for this project will be expected to observe appropriate health and safety protocols. 

Q. Are there any SAG requirements for this production or can this shoot be a non-union shoot? A. There are no SAG requirements. 

Q. Do you currently have an established Voice Over talent, and if so, are they SAG or non-union? A. The client does not have an established VO talent. 

Q: Will each video be themed according to the ABC's mentioned? For example, one video on access, one video on best practices, and one video on cost-effectiveness? Then the fourth video would be externally facing?  A: Yes, three of the videos will focus on the ABCs, and the fourth will be a public-facing video that touches on all three elements of the ABCs.   

Q: Based on the response above and knowing that each video is meant to be interview-based, how much pre-production and scripting will truly be needed if the list of interview questions is being populated.  A: The client anticipates that a reasonable amount of pre-production work will need to take place to help the video team and the interview subjects alike prepare for the interviews (e.g., finalizing questions, reviewing shot lists). Much of this will occur internally with OPW and its communications team. That said, the selected vendor should prepare to factor in some work to review questions, scripting and provide recommendations to the client based on experience with similar projects. 

Q: Do you have an idea of the extent of travel that will be necessary? Locations?  A: Because OPW is a statewide association, vendors are asked to submit two budget scenarios: one that reflects filming in western Washington and one that reflects a mix of both western and eastern Washington locations. 

Q: Will you be our point of contact, or will the video need to be reviewed by a consortium of members? What is the allocated revision time once a draft has been delivered?  A: Jocelyn McCabe will serve as the primary point of contact for the vendor on this project. We anticipate a 48-hour revision time for any materials.  

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