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As optometric physicians, we have seen our profession evolve many times here in Washington State.  We have had our scope of practice expand and tighten, the ability to prescribe certain medications one day and lose it the next, we have to fight every year to maintain what we have and in a blink of an eye it can all be gone.  In Washington State so much of our profession is mandated by the State Legislature.  That is why it is so critical for Legislators to hear from optometric physicians about our issues, and not hear it from someone else.  We need you to have these discussions with your own local Legislators and explain to them how these decisions they make in Olympia, impacts the quality of care for your patients or how it hits your bottom line as a business owner.  Your personal relationship with a Legislator and ability to talk to them about an issue could be the difference in a vote to expand our scope.  OPW is growing stronger everyday and it is because of Optometrists like you, who are willing to fight for what we have now and to ensure there is a clear future for Optometry in Washington State.

For over 70 years, Optometric Physicians of Washington has been dedicated to improving and enhancing the vision care and public health in the state of Washington. It has been the goal of OPW to unceasingly elevate the standard and ethics of the profession of optometry and to ensure that those who have earned the title of Doctor of Optometry are able to practice their profession in Washington to the fullest extent possible.

Mission: The  mission of this association is to enhance the vision care and eye health of the public and to promote the continued development of the profession of optometry. 

Vision: As the professional association of Washington State ODs, Optometric Physicians of Washington is the acknowledged leader and recognized authority for primary eye and vision care in Washington.

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