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Washington Optometric Political Action Committee (WOPAC)

WOPAC represents the political arm of OPW and comprised of O.D. volunteers. The Committee is dedicated to vigilance and consistent action in the legislative process to preserve, promote, and enhance the optometric profession so it remains viable for future generations of eye care professionals. 

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Thank you to everyone who donated to the
Double Your Dollar matching opportunity!

We grateful for the contributions of our members and the OPW King County Societies for the generous 1:1 matching offer for 2024. Even though our goal has been reached, your continued support helps maintain the momentum toward advancing eye care in Washington state.
Contributions to WOPAC are critical to funding state legislative activity and advancing eye care policies. This includes cultivating relationships with legislators to communicate the importance of expanding optometry’s scope of practice, changing 3rd party payer laws, and advocating for access to high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective optometric care across Washington State.

When pooled with WOPAC dollars from other O.D.s, contributions made it possible for OPW members to have direct communication about scope expansion with 107 Washington State legislators throughout the 2023 session. As a result of collective efforts, the Access to Eye Care Act (SSB 5389) was signed into law on May 2023 by Gov. Jay Inslee. This was the first update to optometry’s scope of practice in Washington in two decades.

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