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Washington Optometric Political Action Committee

At one time, Washington State had one of the best optometry laws in the nation. Currently, we rank 44
th in the nation, having some of the most restrictive laws regarding scope of practice, access to patients, nondiscrimination for payment of services, and referral rights of optometric physicians.

The battles for our profession are fought and won through the legislative process. 

Washington Optometric Political Action Committee (WOPAC) is the political arm of OPW, and it relies on contributions from our members and friends to fund legislative activity.  In the past decade, organized optometry has accomplished modifications of DPA legislation, TPA legislation, Medical Service Bureau parity, DSHS parity and many other issues which affect OD’s scope of practice and reimbursement. 

Optometry has had a positive impact this legislative session because of our grass roots legislative efforts.  WOPAC and OPW have worked to defeat SB5489, through which our noble profession was slanderously attacked by online contract lens manufacturers (to see the video, click here).  Due to the efforts of those who contacted their legislators, OPW was able to protect the high quality patient care Washington residents have come to expect from Optometry, in light of the demeaning testimony by an outside group that proved they only care about themselves and their bottom line.  Both the hydrocodone legislation restoring OD’s abilities to prescribe this very effective painkiller, and SB5268-glaucoma meds, granting access for much needed glaucoma medication to our patients, will soon be signed into law because of OPW & WOPAC.  

Look into the future and consider the ongoing input optometry needs on issues like Health Care Reform, contact lens prescriptions, and disruptive technology (e.g., kiosks, online exams, phone apps). Our grassroots, the heart of our lobbying efforts, will ultimately make or break our profession.  Our current and longer term goals will be accomplished with hard work and regular financial donations to WOPAC.  A suggested (but voluntary) donation of $35.00 per month by all members will create sufficient funds to support these important activities.

Thank you in advance for supporting your profession.



Why give to WOPAC?

The simple answer is: while our education gives us a diplomaOPW gives us an occupation through legislative and educational opportunities. We can live and die in the legislature, and thanks to the OPW, we live.”

OPW Member, 2015

Is there a Doctor in the House?