Providing Free Eye Exams to Low-Income Uninsured Americans across the U.S.

More than 46 million low-income individuals in the United States cannot afford the cost of routine eye care or do not have the health insurance that covers such exams. VISION USA was established in 1991 to provide basic eye examinations to Americans in need, and is currently available in 40 states and the District of Columbia. AOA member optometrists donate their services at no cost. If you need an eye exam and do not have insurance and cannot afford one, work with your social worker, case worker, charitable organization or agency to submit an application on your behalf for VISION USA services.

  1. Must be a US citizen or legal resident with a social security or legal resident number 
  2. Have no private or government insurance, Medicare or Medicaid 
  3. Have not had an eye exam within the past 24 months
  4. Have an income below established guidelines based on household size* (see chart below) 
  5. Have not received a doctor referral through the VISION USA program in the past two years 
  6. Maximum of 4 applicants per household per year

How to Apply ?

Applicant Instructions:

To apply for VISION USA - WSHINGTON services, applicants must work with a social service agency, ie: charitable organization, social worker, case worker, community health agency to review and submit an application.   

  1. Obtain a paper application and complete the front side.
  2. Locate a Social Service Agency – or work with a charitable organization, Social worker, case worker, community health agency in your community.
  3. Contact the social service agency and explain that you are needing their assistance submitting an application for vision care services through VISION USA. Detailed instructions for your social service agent are located on the back of application.
  4. Work with your social service agent to verify your eligibility and submit application to Optometric Physicians of Washington. 

Social Service Agent Instructions:

Applicants require assistance from a charitable organization, social worker, case worker, community health agency in their community to submit an application on their behalf.  Social service agents verify client’s eligibility and then submit an application to Optometric Physicans of Washington for processing. 

  1. Complete an Agency Registration Form.
  2. Complete a paper Application for VISION USA Services with your client verifying that they are eligible for services.
  3. Submit form to OPW via email or fax to 425.646.9646
  4. You will receive a confirmation email including an expected application processing date.
  5. Once the application is processed, you will receive an email including the name and contact information of a participating VISION USA provider to share with your client. Provide a copy of this email to client within 10 days of receipt.
  6. Client to call and schedule their VISION USA appointment within 45 days

See “Find a Social Service Agency” section to find a social service agent. 
To contact VISION USA- WASHINGTON, please send an email to .